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Globally recognized corrosion risk
management leadership:

Keeping people, assets, environment and profits safe from corrosion.


What we do

Corrosion impact on your business goals

Corrosion directly costs the global economy $80,000 USD/sec (materials, labour, equipment) [NACE Impact Study 2016].

ICE has found that indirect costs for our clients (e.g. from production shutdowns, clean up costs etc) can be at least a similar order of magnitude versus direct costs – if not significantly higher. Often corrosion costs are embedded in other budgets and clients do not have transparency on what their financial risks are.

ICE uncovers the financial metrics around corrosion, tracks them and makes them a core performance measure for your corrosion risk management program.

Corrosion impact on sustainability

ICE is committed to adhering to best internal practices around sustainability and compassionate organisations. 

As well as our company commitment to our own team – we believe that looking after physical assets directly impacts your drive towards sustainability in operation. We have mapped out what we do with respect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

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