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ICE Dragon Corrosion Inc. is transforming our clients’ operations by protecting against the risks of asset degradation, safeguarding communities, the environment and business performance.

We are a dedicated, highly skilled team that has a proven foundation built on mutual respect. 


Our team is dynamic and extremely passionate about what we do. Our strength is based on open communication and cooperation. We focus on continuously achieving excellence in everything we do. We understand that people are core to success (both in our team and our clients). We strive to mentor, motivate, and support the people around us. 



It is apparent that Dr. Coull is a subject matter expert in her field. Beyond her understanding, she is also a very effective group collaborator, and highly organised. All of these traits supported our group's broader objective.

Brendan Marshall, VP Economic and Northern Affairs, Mining Association of Canada



Our focus is on all aspects of corrosion.


As well as solving corrosion issues, we design and develop proactive corrosion risk management solutions for assets, allowing clients to run their businesses efficiently, safely and sustainably.

The aims the ICE team shares with our clients are to:


  • make asset failures predictable, preventable and manageable through structured risk management

  • integrate corrosion engineering into new-build and repair designs.

  • enable operating teams, through training and mentorship

  • partner with new technology providers to bring value to projects


Updated list of projects for 2021 


ICE Flow Corrosion Management

To manage corrosion proactively for a site or an individual asset, it’s vital to have a plan.

We’ve developed the ICE Flow Corrosion Management process, a proven framework to create a sensible, transparent, data-driven approach to managing corrosion risk. This follows current best practice and leading international standards.

ICE Flow.png

Corrosion Engineering

  • Design input and specification review​

  • Material selection​

  • Coatings and protective lining selection

  • Cathodic protection design, review, and testing​

  • Onsite corrosion risk assessment​s

  • Corrosion data collection programs (inspection, monitoring, testing)

  • Service life prediction models

  • Corrosion risk map development

  • Failure analysis

  • Environmental testing design​ and analysis

  • Lab testing design, management and analysis

  • Bespoke training​ programs

Rebar and concrete corrosion design input
Rebar and concrete corrosion design input

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Coating specifications and testing
Coating specifications and testing

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Design and management of field and lab testing
Design and management of field and lab testing

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Rebar and concrete corrosion design input
Rebar and concrete corrosion design input

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Intro to ICE Innovators

At ICE, we continually work with our clients to support technology development and adoption. ICE Innovators is a program where the ICE team seeks and vets innovation. Any potentially useful solution we then present to clients to determine whether it meets a specific challenge. We then support clients through pilots and assessments.​

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Business sustainability

ICE is committed to adhering to best internal practices around sustainability and compassionate organisations. 

As well as our company commitment to our own team – we believe that looking after physical assets directly impacts your drive towards sustainability in operation. We have mapped out what we do with respect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals!


How we positively impact sustainability

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts by regulating emissions and promoting developments in renewable energy

Cement manufacturing makes up ~8% of human-created CO2 .


When concrete degrades (and steel corrodes) they require repair or replacement – adding to supply chain emission profile (scope 3) for the site.


How ICE helps:

Concrete service life can be significantly increased by careful design of concrete mix, coatings, cathodic protection, embedded monitoring etc.

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Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Many fatal failures have been associated with corrosion, across industries.


How ICE helps:

Avoid fatal failure by using proactive risk assessment and a data-informed approach to understand and define corrosion risk. 

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

If corrosion costs are not measured and not seen, they can't be managed

How ICE helps:

We uncover financial impacts as part of our corrosion risk management programs, along with other important business KPIs.

The direct cost of corrosion to the global economy is $2.5TR USD every year - that is $80,000 every second!

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Corrosion and wear can cause leakage events from conveyance lines into sensitive environments and are associated with loss of social license to operated and huge fines.

How ICE helps:
We design risk monitoring systems, analyse data and use it to help clients make informed decisions about inspection type, frequency and optimize maintenance activities.



The Team – break the ice

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Dr. Zoe Coull

Dr. Zoe Coull, is re-imagining how clients deal with business and environmental risk through the long term sustainability of assets and operations. As CEO of ICE Dragon Corrosion, Dr. Coull is the innovative force behind changing the mining industry by protecting and preventing against corrosion and the associated operational and environmental impacts.

As a successful and evolving start-up, Zoe has developed ICE Dragon into an global services firm with clientele and projects across continents.  Her expertise and specialization in materials and corrosion specialist have influenced the design and rehabilitation of a wide variety of assets across the globe.

Her pioneering leadership has led Zoe to take on the development of mining industry standards to properly structure and ensure governance of corrosion control. Resulting industry impacts include; establishment of quantifiable key performance indicators; increased awareness and visibility of associated risks with asset degradation for management planning; allowance for optimized asset performance & realized cost savings;  and, improving environmental sustainability and safety stewardship.

She is also active in the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), currently Chairing a new technical focus group on Corrosion in Mining that she initiated in 2017.

Zoe earned her PhD from the University of Toronto after completing her bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College and Master’s degree in Corrosion Engineering at the University of Manchester.

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PhD PEng


Muan Wei

  • Muan is building his specialist technical knowledge by working with clients to design and implement corrosion solutions. He has extensive field experience in operating mines where his strong data analysis, project management and communication skills, combine to allow him to effectively bring teams together to strategically adopt best practices and technology that are right for the project.

  • Muan completed an Bachelor’s degree in materials engineering (2015) and then a Master’s degree in Corrosion field (2017) at the University of Toronto. 

  • Muan is an active member in National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and an officer in the NACE Toronto Section. 

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Brycklin Wilson

  • Bryck works to redefine clients approach to corrosion risk by integrating detailed and appropriate corrosion solutions in a proactive way from the design stage of projects and beyond. He is experienced in a wide variety of corrosion services and rehabilitation technologies that will extend asset life and optimise value and performance.

  • He has extensive cross-sector field experience in corrosion inspections and risk assessments, materials selection, cathodic protection review, design and commissioning, corrosion protection systems and failure analysis.

  • Bryck attained his Bachelor’s degree in materials engineering and management (2012) and then a Master’s degree in Corrosion field (2014) at McMaster.

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MASc, PEng



ICE was founded in 2016 by Zoe Coull to address the corrosion gap in industry and the need for more efficient corrosion risk-management solutions. 

While listening to an industry speaker in an undergraduate lecture at the age of 17, Zoe realised the extent to which corrosion could affect people’s safety, the environment and business viability. It was the link she sought between her love of science and a quest to save the world! Zoe has worked in corrosion since then. 

What we do


  • At ICE, our mission is to improve the way clients manage corrosion risk. At the same time, we seek to promote and uphold the highest standards of environmental policy and practice.

  • We work with mining and infrastructure clients worldwide. Our projects range from the small and straightforward, to the large and more complex.

  • We believe in the value of long-term partnerships with our clients, many of whom we’ve worked with since inception.

Our workplace philosophy

As well as wanting to positively change the way clients manage corrosion risk, Zoe was keen to create an organisation that:

  • respects and looks after its employees

  • embraces diversity and fairness

  • supports and mentors talent

  • removes boundaries to innovation and personal journeys. 

Our vision and values

We seek to:

  • work with clients to ensure their businesses remain operationally sustainable over the long term

  • keep people, the environment and businesses safe from corrosion risk

  • create a culture at ICE that allows our team to grow, achieve its goals and promote strong relationships built on integrity, courage and endurance.

    • Integrity: we are honest, reliable, respectful and hardworking; we do what we say we will do; we speak up; we continuously learn.

    • Courage: we seek challenge and discomfort; we have confidence; we’re not afraid to fail; we lead; we seek positive change; we do not accept status-quo; we ask questions.

    • Endurance: we have tenacity; we’re optimistic; we work efficiently; we balance our energy levels; we support each other; we understand the importance of family and friends to our success; we recognise when to persevere and when to let go.



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