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ICE Dragon Corrosion Inc. is transforming our clients’ operations by protecting against the risks of asset degradation, safeguarding communities, the environment and business performance.


Corrosion poses significant business risks including environmental stewardship responsibilities.

Corrosion factors include Geography, Climate and Processes.



ICE Dragon Corrosion specializes in corrosion risk management strategies and the development of Corrosion Control Plans (CCPs).


We are taking on the opportunity with our clients to motivate them to adopt corrosion best practices and technology, already prevalent in sectors like oil and gas, military and automotive.

Our focus and experience within corrosion provides our clients with specific knowledge and expertise that benefit their operations. We are on-site with hands-on assessments that diagnose enterprise risk and develop asset degradation control solutions.

Although we have focus in the mining sector, ICE Dragon also serves energy, infrastructure and public sector organizations.

Our goal is to design and implement corrosion control planning for sustainable organizational impacts that reduce costs, maintains competitive advantage and drives return on investment.


Corrosion affects all industries. The impacts include:

Asset failure is often an important factor in safety incidents across most industry sectors and can be fatal.

In 2014, drinking water in Flint, Michigan was contaminated with lead, owing to corrosion of the water distribution pipes. A lack of skill and awareness of the corrosion risk among operating staff proved a devastating factor. Whole communities now face the uncertain and long-lasting health effects of lead poisoning. 

Environmental incidents due to asset failure can cause catastrophic consequences for the communities and ecosystems affected.

In 2014, the ash tailings facility at the Duke Energy, Dan River Steam Station in North Carolina released 82,000 tons of toxic coal ash and 100,000 cubic meters of contaminated water, after old pipes beneath the facility corroded and failed.

Corrosion failures contribute to production losses, maintenance spend and increased labour efforts.

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Impact Report 2016 states that the direct cost of asset corrosion to the global economy is over 3.4% of GDP (USD $2.5 trillion). Indirect costs (e.g. from shut-downs and production losses) are expected to be a similar order of magnitude.

In mining, for example, we have observed a number of challenges with asset degradation risk to business due to lack of:

  • strategic planning

  • technical skills and knowledge

  • technology uptake

Mining operations experience a wide range of corrosion issues often related to the type of process as well as geography and climate.

Infrastructure can be exposed to aggressive conditions.









Corrosion Control Plans (CPPs) are a structured, holistic approach to dealing with corrosion risk which can be applied plant-wide or at the individual critical asset level. CCPs combine technical de-risking designs for specific critical assets, with a process that defines corrosion policy and integrates corrosion management with your business strategy and objectives.

The CCP process can be applied to operating plant or used from the design stage of a project to ensure operating performance is optimised from commissioning stage forward.

A core tenant of the CCP methodology is identifying and measurement of corrosion Key Performance Indicators. In 90% of Corrosion Control Plan top performers, governance and senior-level accountability for corrosion are vital criterion for success.

ICE Dragon’s framework provides for on-going management and control of the right KPIs, facilitating leadership and operations the visibility needed to manage corrosion and its impacts.




Our industry-wide mission at ICE is to promote and prioritize a KPI-based approach for corrosion control management. 

The business case for CCP represents significant return on investment potential and we enable senior leadership to prioritize asset specific projects with informed awareness of risks factors for operations and performance.





Dr. Zoe Coull, is re-imagining how clients deal with business and environmental risk through the long term sustainability of assets and operations. As CEO of ICE Dragon Corrosion, Dr. Coull is the innovative force behind changing the mining industry by protecting and preventing against corrosion and the associated operational and environmental impacts.

As a successful and evolving start-up, Zoe has developed ICE Dragon into an global services firm with clientele and projects across continents.  Her expertise and specialization in materials and corrosion specialist have influenced the design and rehabilitation of a wide variety of assets across the globe.

Her pioneering leadership has led Zoe to take on the development of mining industry standards to properly structure and ensure governance of corrosion control. Resulting industry impacts include; establishment of quantifiable key performance indicators; increased awareness and visibility of associated risks with asset degradation for management planning; allowance for optimized asset performance & realized cost savings;  and, improving environmental sustainability and safety stewardship.

She is also active in the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), currently Chairing a new technical focus group on Corrosion in Mining that she initiated in 2017.

Zoe earned her PhD from the University of Toronto after completing her bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College and Master’s degree in Corrosion Engineering at the University of Manchester.

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Integrity • Courage • Endurance



Since she was an undergraduate, Zoe has been increasingly concerned about corrosion challenges for industry and the real need for elevating the approach and creating positive change on this issue.

She founded ICE Dragon to transform the way her clients look at and deal with asset degradation as a significant risk to their business and stewardship responsibilities. 

Zoe has positioned ICE Dragon Corrosion to change the narrative in mining with an approach that frames the business case for corrosion control in terms of return-on-investment, risk avoidance and the ecological imperative.

Her mission is to help clients with their corrosion and materials challenges, to cut their costs, keep people safe and protect the environment.



Zoe’s leadership is founded on a strong Research & Development background with active involvement in technology development. Her thesis-driven, tenacious approach is based on an insatiable curiosity across all her projects. Zoe thrives from constant learning and bringing out the best in others.

She is actively involved with National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) where she is helping to shape and deliver the associations mandate to “protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.”

As well, Zoe is a member and active supporter for Women In Mining, helping communicate WIM’s mission and culture of enriching diversity of thought, improving collaboration and innovation.  Zoe aspires to be a role model for future generations of women within the industry and as entrepreneurs.

Ice Dragon - corrosion and safety


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