CORRECT Engineering Program

CORRECT Engineering Program

The combination of the expert insight coupled with Western University makes this program a quintessential step in raising corrosion awareness.

Unexpected Corrosion Risks During Hydrotests


Hydrotesting is an important pre-emptive test that searches for possible failures in machinery that work under pressure. While testing for safety and equipment performance is very important, so is taking precautions against corrosion that can ensue from this activity. Here you will gain further insight into the possible corrosion risks associated with hydrotests that can […]

Linking Corrosion to Leadership Accountability

Linking Corrosion to Leadership Accountability

Corrosion might sometimes be labeled as a minor affair that can easily be solved by simple due diligence and adequate treatment.  While there are actionable steps to take when facing corrosion, some opt out of doing so with the intention of cutting down on costs; corrosion is often seen as something ‘to live with’. However, […]

What are the most common types of corrosion seen in mining?

case study corrosion in the workplace site

Corrosion is caused by specific combinations of metals and chemicals coming into contact with each other. It’s essential that we identify these different combinations in our plant and how they could impact operation of assets. Some common themes observed in mining are uniform corrosion, pitting corrosion, under-deposit corrosion and corrosion-enhanced wear. Uniform Corrosion  Uniform or […]

Exploring the Role of Corrosion Specialists

corrosion on worksite structures

Understanding Their Expertise and Importance Corrosion is a natural process that causes materials, especially metals, to deteriorate due to chemical or electrochemical reactions with their environment. This phenomenon can compromise the stability and performance of infrastructure, equipment, and various assets. As a result, corrosion specialists are crucial across numerous industries, from oil and gas to […]